The Global Estimating Co. (TGEC) Group is comprised of 5 teams operating in the UK, USA, Australia, NZ and Canada. Our individual teams consist of experienced Consultants including Estimators and Quantity Surveyors that specialise in multiple practices within the construction industry.


Our client base consists of Developers, General Builders, Main Contractors, Sub Contractors, Architects and Suppliers. We work together with our clients on a range of different sized projects, including Commercial tier 1, 2, 3 and Residential. We provide the following services:

Quantity Takeoff Checking Service
We check over your calculated takeoff as an extra set of eyes to help you mitigate any errors.

Quantity Takeoff’s
Material quantity calculations.

Budget Estimate
A priced BOQ, based on concept drawings and designs. Assumptions will be made where there is a lack of detailed drawings and documentation.

Standard Estimate
A priced BOQ using all-in rates which include labour, plant, material and are allocated to a UOM.

Detailed Estimate
A further breakdown of a Standard Estimate. Every measurable unit has itemised pricing for material, labour, plant, waste and profit. Ideal for our clients who need to adjust labour, material, wastage or margins.

Additional construction services include:
Building Surveys; Building Inspections; Drafting; Quantity Surveying; Architectural Design please see the 'Services' page for more information.



(Material Quantity Checking Only Service)


(Material Quantity Calculations)


(Budget, Standard & Detailed Estimates)


(Design, Drafting & 3D Modelling)


(Inspections & Reports)


Benefits for a Sole Trader/Contractor

• Less time spent off site analyzing plans/drawings calculating material takeoff quantities to provide those essential quotes

• We are cheaper than your time

• Technical drawings/specifications can be confusing and easily misread, don’t worry this is our expertise, leave it to us

• More time available for doing actual paid work
Benefits for an organization

• We are far cheaper than employing multiple full-time estimators

• Capable of providing our services for all trades

• Can assist your in-house estimators by providing them with the time consuming takeoff part of their estimate

Overall TGEC

• Are fast, efficient, accurate and affordable

• Provide Quality Assured services, we have an in house two stage checking process in place whereby our Senior Consultant/Estimator/Surveyor checks over all work completed prior to client submission

• Provide free quotations within 24 hours

• Enable easy sharing uploading/sharing of documents

• Are readily contactable

Rest assured we provide Quality Assured services. We have an in-house two stage checking process in place whereby our Senior Consultant checks over all work completed prior to client submission.

The Global Estimating Co. operate in the following locations: UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and NZ

With Office locations in:  

New York (US): (914) 610-4032

London (UK): +44 (0)7723499340

Perth (Australia): +61 (0)480108538

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