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The Global Estimating Co Pty Ltd is the founding organisation and parent company under which all subsidiary organisations in respective countries operate



The Global Estimating Co. Started from small origins servicing mainly Australia and the UK with quantity takeoffs only. We have now diversified the business model and structure to not only form seperate and tailored companies with more construction, building and property related services, but also now operate under their respective company names in the Australia, UK, US, New Zealand & Canada.

Our success can be attributed to three key words: fast; efficient and affordable. We have tailored pricing to suit small tradesman to large building & developer organisations. We have implemented a Quality Assurance Process to ensure all work submitted has been second checked by an in-house senior consultant.


The Global Estimating Co. is till in the early stages of its existence. However, the industry experience of its Directors and associated professionals spans 30+ years. The Aus Estimating Co. and Uk Estimating Co. have definitely been the driving force for the organisation and have paved the way for processes and procedures. We aim to continue providing valuable services for our existing client base in these countries and continue the strategic organic growth of acquiring new clients. 

Our endeavours in US, Canada and New Zealand are in their infancy and are following similar growth patterns to the UK and Australia which is very promising for the organisational growth overall. We aim to further improve and push the services we can offer in these countries in the up and coming years. 

We are all proud of how The Global Estimating Co. has developed and continues remain focussed, determined and excited about the journey ahead. 

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